RDI Program

  • Relationship Development Intervention (RDI®) recognises current research showing that babies who will develop autism do not display a strong growth-seeking drive, which awakens in typical children from about 6 or 7 months of age. They seek to maintain sameness and become frightened of change which significantly affects their development.

  • As the child develops, the autism becomes more significant. This seeking of sameness impacts their thinking, creating difficulties with dynamic thinking. Dynamic Intelligence involves integrating different experiences and thoughts to solve sometimes complex problems in ever-changing situations. This is a core deficit of autism, regardless of whether the person is considered to be “low” or “high” functioning.

    RDI does not focus on developing discrete, static skills but rather on developing conceptual and dynamic thinking skills. The first goal of the RDI Program is to strengthen the relationship between the parents and the child.  This connection provides the basis from which parents can guide their child ‘s growth. Parents work closely with a consultant to develop the guided engagement necessary to support their child’s learning and development.

    Parents are guided to keep their child at an appropriate learning level by understanding their child’s current level of ability. They adjust the type of communication they use to promote their child’s thinking and learning and provide a supportive environment that ensures their child’s success and sense of competency.  By mindfully incorporating RDI into daily routines and activities, it becomes a way of life, not a therapy.

    RDI works on the developmental foundations that will make the child open to seeking the change that will enable them to grow.  It can unlock their potential. The child’s growth-seeking will lead to increased flexibility, motivation to learn from others, development of meaningful relationships, and later, employment and “real” independence. These are the areas that determine quality of life for their future.